Is Internet Marketing Worth the Trouble?

That’s a very good question, and not one that I am 100% qualified to answer.  However, I’ve been knocking around the ‘net for a while, and I can say … yes and no.

Obviously it is worth it for some people.  There are folks who have made hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on the internet.  I’ve been involved with some of them and have joined some of their programs.  However, I didn’t strike it rich.  Why is that?

Shiny Object Syndrome

If you have been in internet marketing for any time, you will have heard of this debilitating disease.  And I had it bad.

When I first tried internet marketing, I didn’t realize (although I had had suspicions for years) that I have attention deficit syndrome.  I was running a successful music studio that I owned, but when I developed fibromyalgia, it became more difficult to have the energy to teach kids – and some adults –  to sing, play the piano or play guitar.

I had become fascinated by the internet when I was first able to access it in the late 1990’s, and I could see money-making potential then.   I ended up closing my studio, and decided to try the ‘work in your jammies’ lifestyle.

That’s when the trouble began.  Without a set schedule, I found myself walking around in circles, trying to figure out what to do.  And I started joining programs, one after the other after the other, never figuring out what one program was about and learning how to use it before joining another.  An extreme case of Shiny Object Syndrome.

What Have I Done?

Before long, I had spent all my savings and was $34,000 in debt.  My husband had no idea how much money I had spent, and keeping the secret from him was eating away at me.

I finally had a complete meltdown, confessing to my husband what I had done and promising him I wouldn’t spend any more money on internet marketing.  That was followed by six months of depression brought on by my feelings of failure.  I had walked away from internet marketing.

A Different Kind of Marketer

After a year, I started to miss internet marketing.  I’m retired, with a very small Social Security check.  I still wanted to supplement my income without having to a job I probably would be able to keep due to my health.

I started thinking about all the marketers I knew who weren’t Frank Kern or Ryan Lee or Lawrence Tam.  They weren’t rolling in dough, but they were making decent money from the internet.  People like Nicole Dean, who makes a nice living from a PLR business.  Or Lesly Federici, who runs a blog love site.  Or Diane Mumm, who is a safelist owner.   These are the ones I want to emulate.

My New Personal Rules

One thing that motivated me to give internet marketing another go was that I had tons of advertising that I had purchased on safelists, traffic exchange, and solo, banner, and text ad sites.  It seemed a shame to let more money go to waste, so I looked for a program I could do without a big outlay of cash and without driving myself crazy.  I found ‘Secrets of the Big Dogs’, and it fit the bill.

  • It cost me $7 to purchase the book, and $10 a month to to join.  I had a little affiliate money in my Payza account to fund it.
  • It doesn’t take all day on the computer.  Right now I spend about an hour in the morning and then do some stuff – click ads, putting up banners, etc., in the evening when I’m watching TV with my husband.
  • I’ve made a conscious decision to not go crazy.  I only upgrade programs when I have made the money to do it, and I have set no time limit for a certain level of income.

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever been able to build a decent list.  The money is coming in, and I’m loving it.  Big Dogs is structured so that my income will income continue to grow steadily over time without me gritting my teeth every day.

The other thing I love is the transparency of the program.  Stan Stuchinski is a nice guy.  I called him within two days of signing up just to get a feel for him and ask a couple of questions.  How many gurus have ever taken YOUR phone call?

The whole purpose of this blog is to teach you how to make money with Secrets of the Big Dogs, so keep checking back as we explore the world of all kinds of promotion.


Warmest wishes for your success,